Adele Is The AP Entertainer Of The Year, Beating Out Taylor Swift & PSY

Carl Williott | December 20, 2012 9:10 am

Adele is the Associated Press Entertainer of the Year, receiving more votes than the likes of Taylor Swift, PSY, the cast of Twilight and even noted mommy-porn author E.L. James. Like PSY, the Entertainer of the Year made but one piece of entertainment in 2012 — “Skyfall,” which has already entered the pantheon of classic Bond themes, garnering a Golden Globe nomination and consideration for an Oscar nod.

Even without that song, Adele had a huge impact on pop culture this year, bringing to mind the old days of a booming music industry and a monoculture swarming around a mega-album. Adele’s 2011 effort 21 barreled ahead, surpassing 10 million sales and topping iTunes’ album chart for the second consecutive year. The singer also cleaned up at the Grammys in February, and in October she CREATED LIFE, people.

So, yes, Taylor Swift’s Red and her romantic affairs or PSY’s invisible horse dance may have felt more representative of the zeitgeist and scored more headlines, but while you were reading those headlines, you were likely listening to Adele. Congrats to Adele! (You should be used to saying that by now.)

[via Billboard]

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