A$AP Rocky & Skrillex “Wild For The Night”: Hear What Happens When Trap Meets Dubstep

Carl Williott | December 20, 2012 11:35 am

We’ve been playing A$AP Rocky‘s killer posse stomp “1 Train” for two days straight since it hit the web, and now  we’ve got another Long.Live.A$AP track to add to the rotation. (Yes, we realize the whole album has already leaked, but we also realize most readers haven’t taken the time to grab a copy or perhaps are even morally opposed to pirating the guy’s work, so HUMOR US.)

“Wild For The Night,” Rocky’s hyped-up collaboration with dubstep star Skrillex, is completely different from “1 Train” and is about to introduce the world to trapstep. It’s all down-pitched growls and thunderous thumps and strobing electro, a melty party cocktail of trap’s downers and EDM’s uppers. Hear the collaboration after the jump.

A$AP Rocky featuring Skrillex — “Wild For The Night”

[via soundisstyle]

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