PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Hits 1 Billion Youtube Views: We Did It, You Guys!

Carl Williott | December 21, 2012 8:36 am

It’s a Christmas miracle! Cherubs are singing enchanting melodies in the crisp winter air! The world was supposed to end today, but instead we got THE EXACT OPPOSITE THING, because when America woke up, PSY‘s undeniable, uber-viral, unrelenting smash “Gangnam Style” became the first Youtube video to eclipse 1 billion views. In recent weeks the video has been getting 6.5 million views per day (76 views per second), according to Billboard, so good work, guys. Let’s go ahead and officially retire the internet’s “Information Superhighway” nickname because, ya know, information? No thanks! More horse-dancing plerze!

Congratulations on making history, everybody. Surely you were a part of it, as was your little cousin and your grandparents and your three friends who all showed up to that one Halloween party dressed as PSY. It takes a village, as they say.