Lana Del Rey’s “Dynamite” & “Noir”: Listen To The New Leaked Tracks

Sam Lansky | December 24, 2012 1:22 pm

It’s hit and miss with those early Lana Del Rey tracks, isn’t it? The emergence of a pair of rough demos from the “Ride” chanteuse had us all excited (a Christmas miracle, we thought foolishly), but the leaked songs, “Noir” and “Dynamite,” definitely skew more toward the “miss” end of the spectrum. Ah, well. We’ll always have The Paradise Edition.

“Noir” pins Del Rey’s breathy vocals to a pounding beat before exploding into a messily mixed chorus (hopefully these were scratch vocals), while the jazzy “Dynamite” kicks off clumsy food-as-sex metaphors that, as far as we’re concerned, R. Kelly did much better in his kitchen. Still, Del Rey’s fans will probably be delighted, even if these left us a little cold. Listen after the jump.

Lana Del Rey — “Dynamite”

Lana Del Rey — “Noir”

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