Bonnie McKee Is The Queen Of Hair Flips In New ‘Popstar In Training’ Teaser: Idolator Exclusive

Sam Lansky | December 27, 2012 2:15 pm

If there is anything more pleasing to the human eye than seeing a pop diva flip her hair, we have yet to find it — and given that Bonnie McKee is in training to be a pop star in her aptly titled Popstar In Training video series, which premieres exclusively on Idolator next month, she’s in rare form in this new teaser. A mesmerizing supercut of some major hair flippage — from choreographed dance flips to heavy wind machine-assisted flips to just casual, run-of-the-mill, being-one-of-the-most-successful-pop-songwriters-of-the-last-decade-and-hanging-around-at-your-house flips, fans of the genre (the genre being hair flips, of course) will not be disappointed.

Watch the video up top.