Foxes: The Idolator Interview

Erika Brooks Adickman | December 28, 2012 6:00 am

We caught up with Foxes (a.k.a. synthpop siren Lousia Rose Allen) in her Beverly Hills hotel earlier this fall, and after we got our Popping Up artist to spill about her favorite music from 2012, we got down to business: Namely, the details her forthcoming debut album. The follow-up to her impressive Warrior EP, which landed the Brit on our Top 12 Women About To Pop list, her LP is eagerly anticipated — and in the video above, the “Echo” songstress shares her secrets on building an album, differences we’ll notice between Warrior and the full album and what “surprises” her the most as an artist.

Below, catch part two of our interview with Foxes, as the “Youth” singer explains how she keeps her songwriting process “fun,” the themes she’s exploring on her upcoming LP and just what her “Book of Madness” is.

Foxes Interview Part 2:

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