Idolator’s 12 Fave Music-Related Things Of 2012: From ‘The Nekci Menij Show’ To The 777 Tour

Idolator Staff | December 31, 2012 11:16 am

Throughout December, Idolator’s editors have rounded up what they deemed to be the best albums and best EPs of 2012, and even reviewed the year’s #1 singles (in one word) — as well as summed up the entire past 12 months (in Post-It notes). So what’s left to cover? Well, we can think of 12 more things, some of which we never got around to writing about here on the site, but all of which made an impression on us in 2012.

So before you slap on your party hat and get your New Year’s Eve festivities underway, head below to check out our 12 other favorite music-related things from the past year.

The Nekci Menij Show As the old adage goes, if you don’t stan for something, you’ll fall for anything — and stan culture is the center of the jaw-droppingly ingenious web series The Nekci Menij Show. The brainchild of British teenage wunderkind David Monger, the stop-motion animated series (created mostly through Microsoft Paint), scabrously and hilariously parodies the antics of pop’s reigning divas, sending up both the self-seriousness of artists and the hyperbolic cant of their fans. The show’s ascent to cult status this year is as much a testament to the power of fan obsession as it is to the surprisingly good taste of the Tumblrati.