Idolator’s 12 Fave Music-Related Things Of 2012: From ‘The Nekci Menij Show’ To The 777 Tour

Idolator Staff | December 31, 2012 11:16 am

Throughout December, Idolator’s editors have rounded up what they deemed to be the best albums and best EPs of 2012, and even reviewed the year’s #1 singles (in one word) — as well as summed up the entire past 12 months (in Post-It notes). So what’s left to cover? Well, we can think of 12 more things, some of which we never got around to writing about here on the site, but all of which made an impression on us in 2012.

So before you slap on your party hat and get your New Year’s Eve festivities underway, head below to check out our 12 other favorite music-related things from the past year.

The Nekci Menij Show As the old adage goes, if you don’t stan for something, you’ll fall for anything — and stan culture is the center of the jaw-droppingly ingenious web series The Nekci Menij Show. The brainchild of British teenage wunderkind David Monger, the stop-motion animated series (created mostly through Microsoft Paint), scabrously and hilariously parodies the antics of pop’s reigning divas, sending up both the self-seriousness of artists and the hyperbolic cant of their fans. The show’s ascent to cult status this year is as much a testament to the power of fan obsession as it is to the surprisingly good taste of the Tumblrati.

Eden Sher at the American Music Awards The red carpet spectacle at every award show is tedious at best, but the pre-show at the 2012 American Music Awards was an unusually lively affair, due to the hilarious and endearing enthusiasm of red carpet correspondent Eden Sher. An actress on the ABC sitcom The Middle, Sher fan-girled out on the red carpet: First calling Carly Rae Jepsen “Slayly Slay Slaysen,” then referring to Christina Aguilera as “Legendtina Goduilera” and asking her if “Lotus” was an acronym for “Legend Of The United States,” and most majestically, weeping in Taylor Swift‘s arms after calling her “Slaylor Gift-from-God” and gushing over specific lyrics on her most recent album. The practiced apathy of most award show attendees is tiresome, but Sher was a breath of fresh air.

Rihanna’s 777 hostage crisis Tour Idolator’s own managing editor Robbie Daw took part in RiRi’s seven-day, seven-country jaunt around the globe (you can read his reports from the mile-high trenches here), and summed it up with this: “I’m grateful that I got to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I can confirm that, despite the rumors, RiRi was very gracious to her fans and the press on board the 777 jet…all five minutes we saw her. I will note that, planning-wise, things were a bit disorganized. But the important thing at the end of the day is that the Australian streaker had a really nice butt.”

Rihanna 777 Tour Idolator Robbie Daw 2012 Unapologetic

The John Lewis Christmas ad, featuring Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of “The Power Of Love” In 1984, raunchy ’80s “Relax” icons Frankie Goes To Hollywood shot to #1 in the UK with their ballad “The Power Of Love.” Twenty-eight years later, young British singer Gabrielle Aplin has covered the track, once again bringing it to the top of the UK chart thanks to its inclusion in the touching holiday advert for retailer John Lewis. If this minute-and-a-half clip featuring these two snow-packed lovebirds doesn’t get your eyes welled up, you’ve simply got ice in your veins.

Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You…” duet The American Idol finale featured the most impressive display of unhinged pop wailing since…whenever Xtina most recently sang on television. The awe-inspiring performance gives you a new respect for the power of the larynx (listen to everyone in the crowd losing their shit).

This girl doing the PV 2011 Shuffle at Praire View A & M University to Big Sean’s “Dance (A**)” Okay, so technically this took place in 2011, but we didn’t stumble upon it until earlier this year. As non-alumni of PVAMU, we’re not sure what this dance was for or why it exists, but we knew one thing after watching this young co-ed’s rendition: this is how we will enter every party we attend for the rest of our lives.

St. Lucia One-man band St. Lucia — aka Jean-Philip Grobler — was born in Johannesberg, and now resides in Brooklyn, where, when he’s not touring, he’s crafting the type of melodic dream pop that gets our pulse racing. His debut LP is still in the works (and is due out in 2013 from Neon Gold/Columbia). But St. Lucia’s six-track EP that was released this year assures us that great things are yet to come.

Grimes’ “pussy rings” We’re sure these were some sort of commentary on the objectification of women and commodifying the female body but…really they’re just great gag stocking stuffers.

Grims black and white photo

Riff Raff Mr. Raff is a free-associating white rapper who rocks cornrows and tattoos of the MTV and BET logos. He was once on a reality show. And like the Mona Lisa, he should be simultaneously studied and treasured.

Janelle Ginestra’s Youtube Vids This dancer/choreographer takes pop, R&B and rap music to new heights with her jaw-dropping dance moves. While Janelle often teams up with fellow choreographer Dejan Tubic and boyfriend Willdabeast, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of her. Her routines to Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “Gotta Have It”, Usher‘s “Superstar” and Beyonce‘s “Schoolin’ Life” not only gave us a deeper appreciation for those tracks, but also a deeper level of shame when we attempted to try the moves out for ourselves.

The Great Cassie Mixtape Project It’s going on seven years since Cassie released her debut album, but her stans have kept the flame alive, as fueled by a constant stream of leaks, scrapped promo singles and guest features. Still, major credit goes to one particularly ambitious fan who compiled alllllll those Cassie tracks from the last half-decade into a trio of sonically unified mixtapes, Supermodel, Dope ‘n’ Diamonds and Velvet Night. It’s impossible to pick standout tracks when so many are extraordinary. Just download the mixtapes and luxuriate in the greatness of icy electro-R&B’s true queen.

Cassie Supermodel mixtape

Drake’s “HYFR” music video Drizzy made the brilliant decision to use his “Second Bar Mitzvah” as the backdrop to “HYFR” — even showing real footage from his own Bar Mitzvah party back in the ’90s. Why is Lil Wayne wearing a panda bear ski mask? Who knows?! Maybe he thought it was a yamulke. We just like to think that Weezy got up and did the hora at some point during the shoot.