Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” Video: Good Luck Topping This in 2013, Everyone Else

Carl Williott | January 2, 2013 3:39 pm

K-pop sensation Girls’ Generation released their fourth album I Got A Boy on New Year’s Day, and on New Year’s Eve they premiered the video for the title track. In just three days, that clip has already amassed over six million views on Youtube. And for good reason: for starters, “I Got A Boy” is essentially six songs in one. It begins as some undulating future-R&B that transforms into a fist-in-the-air, “ooh-ooh-ooh” singalong, before taking a sharp left turn into what sounds like Major Lazer‘s “Hold The Line” on steroids. Oh, and there’s an absolutely ferocious breakdown at 3:36.

The bombastic track gets equally over-the-top visuals, with a color palette that would make Nicki Minaj yelp with excitement and synchronized dance moves that are swag personified. We know it’s early in the year, but it’ll be tough to find anything else in 2013 that packs such a glorious sensory overload into such a short amount of time.