Angel Haze Recorded An Azealia Banks Diss Track: Hear “On The Edge” & See The 5 Coldest Insults

Carl Williott | January 3, 2013 3:21 pm

Welp, a few hours after the Azealia BanksAngel Haze Twitterpocalypse died down, Angel emerged with a relentless, rapid-fire Azealia diss track. In fact, the NYC-via-Detroit rapper tweeted that she recorded it in just 20 minutes, which has to be the quickest turnaround for a diss track in the history of diss tracks.

Despite (presumably) being thrown together in a fit of rage and angry laughter, the song is, uh, sort of great? It samples Notorious B.I.G. and features wailing analog synths buttressing a string of straight frigid insults. If only every childish Twitter feud between musicians would result in such impressive bursts of creativity. Head below to hear the song and to see our five favorite disses contained therein. (Your move, Banks!)

Angel Haze — “On The Edge”

The five coldest insults lobbed at Azealia Banks in “On The Edge” 1. “Bitch, put an album out / I think my album’s more done than yours, and I just started a week ago” 2. “I want you bitches so scared that your mental break / So you’ll forever be broke with expensive taste” 3. “I’m the one that everybody say you can’t be / You know it too cuz I’m the only one you ain’t tweet” 4. “Ghetto fuckin’ Easter Bunny” 5. “Rocawear, Rainbow, now you’re on your Wang shit / Rapunzel gon’ be missin’ like her edges and her bangses”

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