Azealia Banks Vs. Angel Haze Spawns 3 Diss Tracks In 2 Days: Behold The Escher Staircase Of Feuds

Carl Williott | January 4, 2013 4:16 pm

We knew Angel Haze‘s ferocious Azealia Banks diss track “On The Edge” wouldn’t be the final salvo in the new feud between the two female rappers, but this is just getting exhausting. Azealia last night (January 3) ever-so-subtly tweeted “I’m bout to rip this bitch’s head off and toss it in the cauldron,” which must’ve been a metaphorical description of Banks’ ensuing diss track “No Problems,” which she dropped today.

Produced by Machinedrum, it’s not nearly as cruel and bloodthirsty as Haze’s “On The Edge.” But it gets the job done. Last word, right? Unfortunately for everyone else on the internet, WRONG. Angel Haze, soon after, released her second attack, a purportedly GarageBand-recorded, unmastered track called “Shut The Fuck Up” that liberally samples 2Pac‘s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.” Hear the ladies’ two new tracks below and read on to see even more of the Twitter sparring from today, which is just so stupid. But hey, new music!

Azealia Banks — “No Problems”

Angel Haze — “Shut The Fuck Up”

On Thursday, Angel Haze claimed to have recorded “On The Edge” in 20 minutes following the online spat. But Azealia posted a string of tweets claiming it was recorded months ago.

Haze then responded:

Then she dropped said track, and then the online sniping continued unabated, and then the last thing we remember before blacking out was that everything was just sort of enveloped by this loud hissing sound, like steam coming out of a teapot, and a warm feeling rushed over us. Sweet release.