Hurts’ “Miracle”: Their ‘Exile’ Single Sounds Like Para-Para-Paradise, Coldplay Style

Robbie Daw | January 7, 2013 10:45 am

Last month, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson — better known as dark, synthy UK duo Hurts — previewed their upcoming sophomore album Exile (due out March 11) with even-gloomier-than-usual track “The Road.” It was enough to make us suicidal before the holidays, to be honest, so thankfully that dirge isn’t the LP’s official single.

That said, we seem to have another problem. “Miracle,” the song that is the official first single from Hurts’ album, sounds like Coldplay‘s “Princess Of China” meets Coldplay’s “Paradise.” Who knew these guys were overdosing on Mylo Xyloto the whole time we were waiting for them to whip some new tunes up in the studio? So far, gone, it seems, is the melodic magic that made the pair’s previous songs like “Wonderful Life,” “Devotion” and “Stay” such anguished gems. And that’s what really kind of hurts.

Hear “Miracle” below.

Hurts — “Miracle”