Eve’s “She Bad Bad”: Watch The Fiery Femcee’s Comeback Clip

Sam Lansky | January 8, 2013 6:43 am

Ready to have your mind blown? Eve is back with a new track for the first time in twenty million years, and she came hard this time around with a swaggy banger, “She Bad Bad.”

Ruff Ryders’ First Lady’s much-much-much-delayed fourth studio album has gone through a few incarnations over the last decade, due to some drama with her label and a few underperforming singles; initially it was titled Here I Am, then Flirt and now, finally, it’s been given the official (supposedly) name Lip Lock.  The lead single, “She Bad Bad,” dropped back in October, but today marks the release of the video, which is slick with rapid-fire cuts.

Admittedly, Eve looks good — although in some shots you could mistake her for Azealia Banks, which probably says something about how gracefully the entertainer is aging — and the video’s attention-deficit visual style compensates for what was likely a limited budget. It’s a good buzzy tease, but we’re guessing she’ll need something radio-friendlier to capture the public attention once more.

Watch up top.

[via Rap-Up]