Kid Cudi Attacks Label On Twitter After His Singles Flop

Carl Williott | January 9, 2013 9:06 am

Kid Cudi last night (January 8) went off on his label, Republic, for apparently failing to back his newest singles with ample radio play. Regarding “Just What I Am” and “King Wizard,” the lead singles off his forthcoming Indicud, Cudi pointed out the following stats: “King Wizard 3.4 million views on Vevo, Just What I Am has 4.3 million and my shit is not on regular rotation on radio. Hmmm.” He went on to compare the middling performance of his two songs to the roaring success of Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything,” which Cudders said he hears “everywhere.” He added, “where’s my fuckin spins???”

This failure to launch is shocking, quite frankly, since the songs are from “the greatest album ever made.” It’s like regular people, and radio DJs, and label suits wouldn’t even recognize greatness if it up and ranted about them on Twitter! Head below to see Cudi’s full Twitter tirade, including his threat that “if things don’t change soon, there’s gonna be some problems.”

This isn’t Cudi’s first outburst aimed at his label. Last year, after Universal Republic shipped out a meager 55,000 copies of WZRD, Cudi tweeted about his “weak ass label.” Look, we like the two Indicud cuts in question, but they don’t exactly exude “radio domination.” Both are downcast and off-kilter, not hooky enough to stick with you, not bizarre enough to turn heads. Just goes to show you, sometimes greatness isn’t meant for the radio.