Justin Timberlake Is Actually Releasing New Music, Supposedly

Sam Lansky | January 10, 2013 6:47 am

Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like Justin Timberlake is just punking all of us? Like, he makes two of the best pop albums of the last decade as a solo artist and then decides he wants to be a serious actor, and an entrepreneur, and a golfer, and the person to reinvent MySpace? MySpace, for God’s sake! It all seems like a cruel joke, most of the time.

But hey! Timberlake’s set to make a big announcement today, and it’s either new music, or he’s trolling all of us mercilessly and it’s going to be, like, a new widget you can add to your Top 8 or whatever.

Billboard reports Timberlake has been working in the studio with his old friend Timbaland (who hasn’t done anything too great lately, but we’ll pretend like that isn’t the case), and he’s now set to release a new single and possibly a new album; this tweet, apparently, is about new music, not about MySpace or some movie or how pretty Jessica Biel is. (We get it, Jessica. You’re really pretty.)

We’ll be holding our breath until then.

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