Ke$ha’s “C’Mon”: Watch The Giddy, Surreal Video (There’s Furries)

Sam Lansky | January 11, 2013 6:28 am

It all seems sort of inevitable now, doesn’t it? Ke$ha has been calling her fans “Animals” since the beginning, and she’s made it very clear that she’s an animal lover — and everything comes full circle in the video for her new Warrior single “C’Mon,” which sees the trash-pop diva quitting her job as a put-upon diner waitress to run amok wreaking havoc with a band of furries. Furries! That’s grown-up, human people dressed in creepy-cuddly anthropomorphic costumes.

And while it sort of evokes Donnie Darko, there’s also a sweetness to it — like it neuters all that raucous raging somehow. “C’Mon” is likely to please her animals and maybe win her some new fans, too, if they aren’t too freaked by the six-foot-tall human owl. Watch after the jump.

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