Ashlee Simpson’s “Bat For A Heart” Video: Watch The Dreamy Clip

Sam Lansky | January 18, 2013 2:47 pm

Hey! Wanna see something weird? Like, really weird? It’s the new Ashlee Simpson single, which now has a full-length video after she teased the clip last year! Months and months ago! Did it take that long to finish? Was she distracted by Jessica Simpson being the world’s most pregnant person? Nobody knows.

Regardless, Ashlegendary Simpslay (as she’s known in certain corners) turned up the surreal-o-meter in the video for her single “Bat For a Heart,” which is already a compellingly odd, anti-commercial song with no radio prospects; the video basically serves the same thing. It’s off-putting in the most likable way possible. Watch it up top, if you dare.