Taylor Swift Lets Her Hair Down As Rapunzel In Annie Leibovitz-Shot Disney Ad

Sam Lansky | January 23, 2013 11:58 am

It’s certainly not news that Taylor Swift is a princess (America’s princess!), but even we weren’t expecting things to take such a literal route. But — probably using the powers of The Secret, or maybe because she’s a hugely successful pop star with long, golden locks who communicates enough of a fairytale vibe in the first place that it’s basically typecasting — Swift appears as Rapunzel in a new photo spread for Disney, shot by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

The photo shows Swift perched on the sill of a castle tower wearing an extravagant dress, which actually looks like the type of Rodarte gown Swift would wear to the grocery store, so good work, stylists. Her flowing blond hair is so long that it wraps around the other side of the frame (is that a weave, girl?), and her expression evokes the type of epic despondency that Swift’s songs so frequently depict, so it’s a good match for her!

In terms of lending a little more gravity to her oft-parodied image, though, it’s not going to go very far. But hey, it’s for Disney Parks, the most magical places on earth besides Taylor Swift’s heart, a teeming hotbed of unicorn wishes and fairytale dreams.

Now, about that white horse…

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