Rihanna Loves Pot So Much She’s Shouting It From The Rooftops…Of Instagram

Erika Brooks Adickman | January 24, 2013 4:35 pm

Rihanna may play coy when it comes to her relationship with Chris Brown, but the pop star certainly is not shy when it comes to her affections for marijuana. RiRi proclaimed her love for smoking pot once again on Thursday (January 24) when she posted two photos of herself partaking in her favorite pastime on Instagram for all the world to see. One shot (above) has the Complex diva posing in a gold shirt wearing a thick gold chain with a hand-rolled cigarette hanging out of her mouth with the caption “You a real nigga, then phuck wit me!#GOLD”, a line from Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything.”

The second photo (below) shows an artsy close-up of Rihanna’s hand as she crushes the cigarette into a hotel ashtray (Is that the “Amaro” filter you’re using, RiRi?) with the caption “Every day, every night , all the time…” We assume the “Diamonds” singer is quoting Styles P‘s “Good Times (I Get High).” We get it, Robyn. You love pot. We got it when you were Mary Jane’s Bride for Halloween. No offense, girl, but you’re turning into one of those people who incessantly post pictures of their new dogs on Instagram.

We know the pop star is Unapologetic about doing what she wants, when she wants, but in this age of oversharing should Rihanna be more discreet about the amount of weed she smokes?