Taylor Swift Performs “Love Story” & “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” At 40 Principales: Watch

Sam Lansky | January 25, 2013 6:17 am

Queen of sad songs Taylor Swift recently sailed her lonely catamaran across the turbulent Atlantic seas to Spain, where she sat atop the Rock of Gibraltar and cried for awhile, thinking ruefully about the irretrievability of the past and how quickly lovers turn to strangers, or something like that. Just a guess.

At any rate, she was in Madrid this week, where she was spotted being a crazy young superstar (i.e., having a very normal night with some very normal friends) before performing at the 2013 40 Principales Awards, which are like the Spanish VMAs, maybe? Possibly. Don’t quote us on that.

There, Swift performed her well-loved classic “Love Story” in a simple acoustic set before launching into a big, bombastic version of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and while her vocals strained a bit (probably from the salty sea air on that boat, the sunlight hot and bright against her face as she beat forward through the tide, one hushed whisper: “España!“), the energetic set felt like a good return to form for the recently embattled chanteuse, who accidentally became everyone’s favorite punchline in the space of, like, thirty seconds.

So guys! Let’s be nice to Taylor Swift. She even learned a few lines in Spanish to connect with her fans. It’s not her fault everyone leaves! Watch up top.