New Kids On The Block Return With “Remix (I Like The)”: Listen

Carl Williott | January 25, 2013 9:16 am

We’re still giddy after learning New Kids on the Block will be headlining the momentous Package Tour with supporting acts 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. But we’re even more amped now, because the Kids (Men) have given us the first taste of their comeback album 10 with new song  “Remix (I Like The).” Ryan Seacrest on Thursday (January 24) premiered the comeback track on KIIS FM.

It’s fast-paced and, just like those sticky NKOTB refrains of yore, it certainly has a hook that seems primed to get lodged in our brains. Since it’s their first new stuff in years, we’re willing to overlook the liberal use of Auto-Tune and the troubling Chad Kroeger-y timbre that has worked its way into Donnie Wahlberg‘s voice. Plus, any time a song has someone calling out “guitar!” before a tasty lick, we’re all for it. Hear NKOTB’s comeback single below.

New Kids on the Block — “Remix (I Like The)”

[via KIIS FM]

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