Adam Levine & The Lonely Island Shout “YOLO” (Kinda) In ‘SNL’ Digital Short

Kathy Iandoli | January 27, 2013 9:25 am

Adam Levine wore many hats on Saturday Night Live last night, but one of the funnier moments was his collaboration with The Lonely Island for a digital short titled “YOLO.” The short brought the return of Andy Samberg – along with his other Lonely Island counterparts – completely screwing up the meaning behind “Y.O.L.O.” or “You Only Live Once.” Drake initially (ab)used the acronym to mean, like, “Go party with strippers because you only live once” or whatever. These guys had a different sentiment in mind.

In this video, the guys are offering cautionary advice like burying money in your backyard because banks are shady, avoiding loud clubs because they’re bad for your ears, and the best — staying away from kids because “their hair is filled with mad lice.” Musical guest Kendrick Lamar even checks in for a verse on low-risk 401K options and financial forecasting. This song is like a Doomsday anthem! Watch up top.

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