Chris Brown “Jumped” Frank Ocean At Los Angeles Recording Studio: Report

Sam Lansky | January 28, 2013 6:13 am

Hey, Breezy! In terms of redemption tactics, this probably isn’t the way to go: Kind-hearted, sensitive sonic innovator/national treasure Frank Ocean says he got “jumped” by consistently unlikable person Chris Brown and his crew late last night at a Los Angeles recording studio following an argument over a parking space, that quintessentially Los Angeles point of contention. The police refer to Ocean as the “victim” and Ocean later tweeted that he “got jumped by chris and a couple guys,” but — surprise! — Brown’s side of the story is completely different.

Meanwhile, TMZ says that Chris went to shake Frank’s hand, which is when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris (yes, that sounds like a plausible tale), and quotes “sources connected with Chris [who] insist Ocean started it,” which is mostly LOL, because — what — are sources connected with Chris going to take full responsibility? Or say, “Yeah, Chris started the fight because he’s an unredeemable garbage person?”

Bottom line: Frank Ocean is almost universally adored, while Brown is widely reviled, and his track record with violent behavior speaks for itself. Even if TMZ’s report were unbiased, would anyone believe it besides a few delusional members of Team Breezy? Probably not.

[via TMZ]