Chris Brown Addresses Frank Ocean Fight In Typical Chris Brown Fashion

Carl Williott | January 28, 2013 11:11 am

Chris Brown took to Instagram (as if there were any other possibility) to indirectly address his brawl with Frank Ocean that occurred Sunday night (January 27) at a recording studio. Breezy posted the above photo from the studio, with the accompanying message: “Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bullshit will forever be in the shadows.” Oh how we’d LOVE for Chris Brown’s bullshit to forever be in the shadows. That would make everyone very happy!

Here’s the thing, though: it’s hard for bullshit to stay in the shadows when your whole entire persona is based on surrounding your work with as much bullshit as possible, and taking that bullshit from the shadows and placing it proudly in the spotlight. But there’s hope. He could change his ways (LOL), by doing one of two very simple things. He could stop going on every social media platform to boast about every bullshit incident. Or, ya know, he could STOP PUNCHING PEOPLE.