Taylor Swift Inks Long-Term Deal With Diet Coke

Carl Williott | January 29, 2013 9:30 am

Taylor Swift has signed on with Diet Coke for their Extraordinary campaign, which means she’ll be featured in their advertising across TV, digital and print platforms. Swift will “serve as a program ambassador for several Diet Coke initiatives and will be integrated into all key marketing efforts for the brand.” Sounds like just the type of serious, long-term commitment Taylor’s been looking for all along!

In addition, the soda company says this initiative will give fans “extraordinary access” to Swift during her Red tour. This partnership was bound to happen, mainly because the saccharine pop star already dresses in the same colors as a Coke can. Also, this: “I’ve said for years that Diet Coke just ‘gets me’ and my lifestyle,” Swift said. We have no idea what that means. Tell us what that means, Taylor! (Preferably in song form.)

[via The Hollywood Reporter]