50 Cent Is A Rick Ross Truther: Fiddy Theorizes Rozay’s Drive-By Was Staged

Carl Williott | January 29, 2013 12:33 pm

Rick Ross had a very bad birthday early Monday morning (January 28), narrowly escaping injury (or worse) after being shot at and crashing his car in the chaotic aftermath of the shooting. (Although, you could argue that the fact that he was fine after all that means it was a very good birthday.) Rozay’s rival 50 Cent wasted no time in using the incident to reignite their beef, which had been dormant recently — the last bit of escalation happening back in September at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, when Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay scuffled with Fiddy and his G-Unit entourage.

50 Cent yesterday let fly a string of tweets making fun of “fat man” Rick Ross for panicking and crashing his car, and questioned how the shooter(s) could miss the target and seem to miss the car altogether. These latter points led Fiddy to think the whole thing was staged. Head below to see the relevant tweets which, shockingly, made no reference to Lennay Kekua being the shooter.

Hey, when it comes to matters of getting shot, Fif is as much of an expert on the subject as you can be without being a lifeless corpse. So, we don’t mean to impugn his expert opinion when we say it’s bunk and we’re pretty sure he’s joking. Although, Rozay’s whole act is based on a fictional drug kingpin persona, so there’s definitely fodder for Rozay Truthers out there.