Miley Cyrus Is A Hero For Giving Paparazzi A Taste Of Their Own Medicine: Watch

Carl Williott | January 30, 2013 10:50 am

Remember the other day when Miley Cyrus was out walking her dogs, and she was photographed photographing the paparazzi who were hounding her (get it?), and we all wondered what she’d do with that footage? Turns out she was videotaping one particular paparazzo (whom she refers to as a “criminal”), and she has uploaded the clip to the web!

It’s all very surreal, seeing this creeper flit around in front of her as she’s just doing this thing that normz like us do. From the other side of the looking glass (i.e. not on the glossy pages of Us Weekly or a flashy celeb site), it’s like a brilliant piece of protest performance art, the video plunging us into some infinite regress, tumbling deeper and deeper into the void of celebrity voyeurism. Nice going, Miley! But next time,  if you want to make some SERIOUS cash, make sure to film the pap while he’s not on the job. Those unguarded, real-life moments are what the people really want to see.

[via Crushable]