Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: Watch The First Day Of Rehearsals

Sam Lansky | January 31, 2013 5:47 am

Look: This is a teaser video of Beyonce rehearsing for her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. We can say that there are hair flips, and booty-shaking choreography, and lots and lots of dancers, and did we mention the hair flips? And also a brief, fleeting shot of Beyonce sitting in an empty gymnasium on her laptop and doing it with more style and grace than the competition. Beyonce sitting staring at her computer > most people performing. There’s a few shots of her dancing, too, but they’re so quick you can hardly see anything, and yet it doesn’t even matter.

So we can say that, and also say that watching this very brief clip of people who aren’t even Beyonce but are going to be dancing with Beyonce gave us the queasy, tremulous feeling that we used to get on Christmas morning, but the facts are this: It’s Beyonce. You already know you’re going to watch.