Frank Ocean’s Producer: Chris Brown Tried To “Beat The Living Sh*t” Out Of Ocean, Fight Was A Set-Up

Carl Williott | February 4, 2013 10:10 am

West Coast producer Michael Uzowuru says he was present during the Frank OceanChris Brown fight on January 27, and in a blog post detailing the brawl says Breezy tried to “beat the living shit out of” Ocean. According to Uzowuru’s account, the incident was indeed spurred by a parking spot dispute. Uzowuru says he arrived at the studio with Ocean and a third man named Chito, and a space that was clearly reserved for Frank was taken.

The front desk told them it belonged to Brown, who showed up ten minutes later with two other men. Frank told him to move his car, at which point one of Breezy’s pals allegedly cold-cocked Chito. Breezy and the other man grabbed Ocean and eventually threw him into a glass display. One of the men allegedly then held Ocean against a wall “while Chris was trying to beat the living s**t out of [him],” with Ocean throwing punches to defend himself.

Uzowuru says at this point he began screaming for everyone to stop and the brawl ended. “There’s no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up,” wrote Uzowuru.

Ocean over the weekend wrote a post on his Tumblr saying he had forgiven Chris Brown and would not be pressing charges. It sounds like it was a pretty ugly scene, so while it’s surprising Ocean just up and forgave Breezy, chances are he didn’t want to prolong and relive the ugliness, especially since it doesn’t sound like anybody was seriously injured.

Breezy’s camp has yet to give an account of the incident, though the singer was spotted with a cast on his right hand last week.

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