Rihanna Lights Up Terry Richardson’s Studio, Then Smokes A Cigarette

Erika Brooks Adickman | February 4, 2013 12:30 pm

Obviously there had to be more smokin’ shots of Rihanna from her recent Rolling Stone cover, and thankfully Terry Richardson was kind enough to share them with the Internet. The provacative photographer uploaded several shots of RiRi from his studio, and wouldn’t you know it, the pop star was indulging in her favorite pastime: smoking a hand-rolled cigarette.

Rihanna works ombred Skrillex hair (two 2011 hair trends in one!), a nude lip and ultra-thick lashes (which help the Unapologetic singer give bedroom eyes to the camera). Meanwhile, Terry does his usual “Let Me Join In And Make A Goofy Pose With A Celeb” thing. While the Bajan beauty is certainly hot as heck in her white bodysuit, we thought she was able to turn the sex appeal up to 11 with her pencil skirt, leather jacket and no-nonsense vibe. 

How do you think Rihanna’s latest shoot compares with her 2012 pictorial with Terry?