Beyonce Vs. Madonna, Who Had The Better Halftime Show?: Idolator Is Taking The Debate To Twitter

Erika Brooks Adickman | February 5, 2013 2:23 pm

The Super Bowl may be long over, but there is still one category that has yet to name a winner, and it’s that of the Ultimate Halftime Show Diva (of the past two years). Will it be Beyonce or Madonna? Bey brought hair flips of the neck-breaking variety, a Destiny’s Child reunion and some killer choreography. Madge, on the other hand, still managed to “Vogue” with a giant Egyptian crown on her head, brought Nicki Minaj, bird-flipping M.I.A. and LMFAO to the stage — and seems to have won the ratings war. We at Idolator have examined the raw data, but, alas, we love these two pop goddesses far to much to place one over the other. So we’re turning the decision over to you!

Today (February 5) at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) we’re taking this #ibrawlator diva debate to Twitter. Below, find out details on how you can join in this soon-to-be heated discussion with us!

We will be moderating the questions for this debate, allowing both Madonna and Beyonce’s fan bases (and any and all pop lovers with a strong opinion) time to weigh in using the hashtag #ibrawlator. Let’s fight clean and fight fair, folks. And just a reminder that everyone who participates will get a follow-back from us!

To get the wheels turning, here are a few topics we’ll be covering in the debate:

1. Who had the better setlist? 

2. Which pop star reigned supreme as far as dance moves?

3. Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? 

4. Beyonce or Madonna: who had the better vocals?

5. Who came out on top for special guests?

6. Which diva had the best costumes?

7. Did Bey or Madge have the stronger opening? 

We’ll catch you guys in the Twitterdome!