Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait”: Hear Why He’s Skipping The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Carl Williott | February 5, 2013 2:19 pm

Well, the mystery (that wasn’t really a mystery) about the Prince-leaking 3rdEyeGirl Twitter handle has been solved: a site with the same name is now selling four new Prince tracks, including “Screwdriver” and the newest new cut “Breakfast Can Wait.” Regarding the latter track, just to be clear, the Purple One isn’t singing about skipping the most important meal of the day because he’s running late for work or sleeping in.

The jam combines a funky bass line with minimalist synths and myriad food-as-sex metaphors (“Need somethin’ else on my plate / Think I want another bite of you, babe”). Prince keeps it low-key vocally, but then there’s a pitch-shifted helium voice that closes out the song in totally weird, anti-trap fashion. Hear it below.

Prince — “Breakfast Can Wait”

[via Pinboard]

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