Oscars: Adele Is Adorable Even When She’s Talking About Conquering The World With An EGOT

Carl Williott | February 25, 2013 10:15 am

With her Oscar win for “Skyfall” last night (February 24), Adele is halfway to Hollywood’s holy grail, that ever-elusive EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). It was the first thing that came to our minds after her win, and apparently it was one of the first things on Adele’s mind as well. Billboard reports that during her press conference after nabbing Best Original Song, Adele said, “Maybe I’ll do an HBO special like Beyonce did…And a Tony, I’m not so sure. Maybe someday I’ll do a musical.”

This seems like a completely realistic possibility! At age 24 Adele has already secured the “GO” part of the grand slam. Is it that outlandish to think that at some point in the next 40 years or so, her voice could one day grace a Broadway stage? Or that she and Paul Epworth could pen a Tony-winning tune? And imagine all the humanizing flipped birds and “fanks” action in HBO’s We Could Have Had It All: The Adele Story. Plus: a peek at Adele as a mother. Total Emmy-bait!

Eleven artists have achieved EGOT immortality — including Whoopi Goldberg and Audrey Hepburn. Three others, including Barbra Streisand, have the EGOT with an asterisk: one of their four awards was in an honorary/non-competitive category. But we have higher hopes for Adele than that loophole trickery. No asterisk, no spoken word Grammy, no tribute nonsense.

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