AlunaGeorge Make Television Debut With “You Know You Like It”: Watch

Carl Williott | February 8, 2013 2:30 pm

As Snowpocalypse Nemo intensifies into the evening, we’re sure many of you will be hunkered down with some sweatpants and a mug of the finest Keurig-crafted instant coffee that you could find at the store last night. Well we have just the thing to heat things up. (If you’re reading this from some place like L.A., well, you are clearly smart and thus you can use your brain power to imagine such a scenario). British buzz-mongers AlunaGeorge made their television debut on the BBC’s The Culture Show Thursday (February 7), closing out the program with their slinky gem of minimal R&B, “You Know You Like It.”

The duo expanded to a foursome for the gig, giving the song a fuller live sound than might have been expected. Aluna Francis‘ breezy swagger didn’t hurt in that department, either. Based on this performance, we’d say their plan to tear 2013 “a new one” is continuing without a hitch.