Justin Bieber On ‘SNL’: Watch Him Perform “As Long As You Love Me” & “Nothing Like Us”

Carl Williott | February 9, 2013 9:52 pm

Justin Bieber was the host and musical guest on tonight’s Saturday Night Live, and for his first performance, as expected, he continued his war of acoustic attrition. After (pretty successfully) going for laughs in a handful of sketches, the teen heartthrob took the stage with his acoustic guitarist and gave a spare take of “As Long As You Love Me.” It was everything we’ve come to expect from his recent spate of unplugged sets, but to the many SNL viewers who probably only remember Bieber as the winking, hair-swooped teeny bopper, this was surely a jarring, “Whoa, this dude has some musical chops!” moment. Plus, there were plenty of come-hither stares into the camera, and he even rapped Big Sean‘s verse from the original.

For his second song, Bieber stayed unplugged for his new track, the probable Selena Gomez break-up ballad “Nothing Like Us.” This performance featured a glowing, retro-futuristic mic hanging from the ceiling and his pianist behind him. Watch “As Long As You Love Me” up top and check out “Nothing Like Us” below.

Justin Bieber — “Nothing Like Us” on SNL

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