Watch Solange Sing “Bad Girls” In The Back Of A Cab

Carl Williott | February 11, 2013 3:10 pm

For the latest episode of Black Cab Sessions, Solange performed “Bad Girls” (the True closer, not the M.I.A. song) in the back of a taxi in London with her production partner Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) along for the ride on guitar. And it. Was. Wonderful! Can we just elect the Knowles sisters as our next president? K thanks.

Solange nailed the single-take performance, and if you weren’t watching the video you’d have no idea she was in a moving car (on the wrong side of the road!). The last minute of this video is sublime and has ensured that we will never again stumble into a cab late at night and start singing. The bar is way too high now.