Justin Bieber Responds To The Black Keys Diss, Says Patrick Carney “Should Be Slapped Around”

Carl Williott | February 12, 2013 9:35 am

A couple things we know. First, we know Justin Bieber is very sensitive about his Grammy snub. (Wait, are we still talking about this? We are? Ugh, ok, FINE.) Do you think it was coincidence that he went all “sensitive musician” on everyone on a national stage the night before the awards?

We also know that The Black Keys (specifically drummer Patrick Carney) like to stir the pot. They’ve (rightly) made public comments disparaging Nickelback, and Carney felt the wrath of the Little Monsters after making a harmless joke comparing Lady Gaga to Madonna. Carney’s latest salvo came when he told TMZ, “Grammys are, like, for music, not for money, and [Bieber’s] making a lot of money…He should be happy.” Well, Justin and his Beliebers did not like that insinuation, and Biebs responded in kind and it’s now an all-out NON-RAP TWITTER BEEF, y’all!

Here’s Justin’s response:

It’s worth pointing out that prior to Bieber’s response, Carney seemed to be regretting the hubbub he started, tweeting this early this morning:

The lesson? Justin Bieber’s still sore about the Grammys. Oh, and never talk to TMZ.