Bruno Mars Takes A Fan To Prom (Sort Of) On ‘Ellen’: Watch

Carl Williott | February 12, 2013 12:10 pm

Maker of dreams Ellen DeGeneres gave a Bruno Mars superfan the prom (and Valentine’s Day) gift of a lifetime on her show today (February 12). A girl named Emily asked Bruno to her prom, and wouldn’t you know it that Emily and Bruno were on Ellen’s show on the same day?

Bruno explained that since he can’t make it to Emily’s prom, he’s giving her four front-row tickets to his show in her city and he’s hooking her up with a Gucci dress for the dance. But most important, Bruno and Ellen set up a quick prom and Mars told Emily, “I would love to have a dance with you.” And dance they did, to Luther Vandross‘ “Always and Forever.” Slowly but surely, Bruno Mars is becoming our favorite human.

So, here’s something we’re going to tell you high school students out there, something we wish we had known back then: ask your celebrity crush to prom. The more endearingly hysterical you are in the request, the better, because they’ll be pressured to respond with a kind gesture of some sort, or else the star will be shunned. It’s like sending a letter to a cereal or candy company when you’re a kid — worst case scenario, you get some free stuff. We wish we had known that candy trick back in the day, too. You’re WELCOME, everybody!