The Weeknd’s “Twenty Eight”: Watch The Gloomy, NSFW Video

Carl Williott | February 13, 2013 11:23 am

The Weeknd has dropped the video for “Twenty Eight,” one of the new tracks off his Trilogy compilation, and it so unquestionably not safe for work! Unless you work at, say, a blog where it’s your job to watch a new music video that primarily consists of bare breasts. But even then, you’ll feel like a total skeez watching it next to your colleagues!

As with all of The Weeknd’s material, we’re guessing this is some commentary on temptation and the cold transaction that is sex. The video starts with a warning about nudity and graphic imagery, but starts innocuously with Abel Tesfaye on an interview show. And that’s where the topless dancers come in.

To direct the clip, Tesfaye recruited Nabil, who in the past helmed trippy videos for Frank Ocean (“Pyramids,” which also featured topless dancers) and Kanye West (“Mercy”). This one isn’t nearly as much of a mind-melter as those two, but it’s sure to be a bigger hit with teenage boys.