Idolator Valentine’s Day Cards: Get Sweet With Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha, Britney Spears & More

Bradley Stern | February 14, 2013 5:30 am

It’s Valentine’s Day: The day we give a little lovin’ to that extra special someone in our lives. (Or, for many of us, the day we roll our eyes and binge on pizza and chocolate while watching The Sweetest Thing.) This holiday’s all about feelings, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the words to express our deepest emotions. That’s why we’re created this set of Valentine’s Day cards to help get the right message across, with the help of some of our favorite pop princes and princesses.

Got a special Belieber in your life? Got you covered! Is there a Little Monster who’s got your bubble heart bursting? Not a problem. And what about a faithful follower of the Holy Spearit herself? Yep, we’ve got you on our radar too.

Scroll below to see the Idolator Valentine’s Day cards: Print them, share them with your friends, give ’em to your crushes — we’re positive you’ll score an extra kiss or two (and then some!) later tonight.

Which one’s your favorite? Tell us below!