Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” Video With Drake & Future: Welcome To Weezy’s Valentine’s Day Sex Dungeon

Carl Williott | February 14, 2013 8:50 am

In a bit of subtly brilliant pop culture trolling, Lil Wayne decided to premiere the video for “Love Me” on Valentine’s Day. See, the collaboration with Drake and Future is about love of the strictly carnal kind (also known as lust), and so it would seem to go against all the romantic nonsense buttressing this Hallmark holiday. Although, the video takes place in a Mad Max-style sex dungeon, and maybe that’s the new idea of romance in the post-Fifty Shades of Grey world. Watch it up top or over at MTV.

The clip is grimy and brings to mind those Nine Inch Nails videos from the early ’90s. And then it takes a strange(r) turn in the third act, wherein a pair of women wade in a tub full of blood, Weezy flaunts some demon eyes and then he even manages to get in a kickflip. Just another perfect Valentine’s Day in the Tunechi household!

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