Marina & The Diamonds Releases Unreleased ‘Electra Heart’ Track “E.V.O.L.”: Download

Sam Lansky | February 14, 2013 2:11 pm

It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle! Marina and the Diamonds just dropped an unreleased track from her Electra Heart sessions and it’s a doozy: A track called “E.V.O.L.,” issued to mark Electra Heart’s “birthday” (not sure what that means, since the album came out in April of last year, but we’re not going to argue) and also this holiest of holidays, which — in typically acerbic Marina form — she lacerates mercilessly.

Produced by Liam Howe, “E.V.O.L.” sees Marina wielding darkly cynical lines — “It only takes two lonely people to fuck love up and make it evil,” she sings on the chorus — with a lyrical conceit that’s clever, if a little too on-the-nose. It has much of the same jaunty energy of The Family Jewels, but the thundering beat and noisy production position it squarely in the Electra Heart universe — and we like it. Listen below, and download for free (but only until midnight tonight!).

Marina and the Diamonds — “E.V.O.L.”