Deadmau5 “F*cking Hates” Kanye West Because Yeezy Tries Too Hard

Carl Williott | February 14, 2013 2:20 pm

Deadmau5 is an avowed enemy of effort, willing to slag his own DJ profession and electronic genre as a mere charade based on the simple act of pushing a few buttons. He is also shaping up to be one of pop music’s “loose cannons,” in that he’ll say just about anything about any star in interviews (remember his whole feud with Madonna?).

Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) combined his two favorite loves in his interview with Vibe, taking on the great and infallible Kanye West for the rapper’s unabashed, even proud exertion of effort. When asked which rappers he’d like to do a live show with, Zimmerman replied, “Anyone other than fucking Kanye. I fucking hate him. He’s just trying too hard.”

In case it weren’t clear just HOW LITTLE deadmau5 cares about this silly career he’s created for himself and how he approaches his job with the gusto of a 16-year-old stoner shuffling down the hall on his way to math class, he added: “I’m not trying. I mean it…I just don’t give a fuck about pretty much anything. I tell it the way it is, sometimes more often than I should, and that is detrimental.”

Other highlights: *He indirectly compared his work to that of Salvador Dali. *He returned to the “we just push play” criticism, this time regarding Swedish House Mafia: “There’s three of you and one fucking CD with the track on it. It’s all show pony shit.” *Tommy Lee is his BFF *”EDM” really means “Event Driven Marketing” *The only Avicii song he can name is that one everyone knows. *Nobody has ever told him that his music sucks. To his face, at least. *He likes Mumford & Sons. Not for their music, which he describes as “boring folk shit,” but because of their marketing prowess.

Read the full deadmau5 interview at Vibe.