Beyonce On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’: Watch A Preview

Sam Lansky | February 15, 2013 6:12 am

Did you know that Beyonce is the most mysterious and alluring person in the world? It’s true, and it’s science. So when Beyonce decides to do anything — appear in a magazine, or go on a TV show, or record some music, or have a baby, or make love to her husband Jay-Z — we just need to know what’s happening with it. We do! We can’t help it.

And Oprah Winfrey is just like us — full of questions and eager for answers! — which is probably why she taped an exclusive interview special with Beyonce to air before the February 16 premiere of Bey’s upcoming HBO documentary Life Is But a Dreama 30-second preview of which has just been unveiled.

So here are’s the question: Will Beyonce reveal anything genuinely telling about herself? Who knows! Probably not.

But still, you can see Oprah trying — asking her things about her baby and her marriage and lots of other stuff, too. And, well, it’s pretty clear that we’re all gonna watch anyway. So maybe just watch the clip up top and clear out your Saturday night schedule to watch Oprah’s Next Chapter followed by Life Is But a Dream followed by The Beyonce Experience followed by Live at the Roseland because, well, it’s inevitable. It’s Beyonce. Get with it.