Azealia Banks Continues To Embarrass Herself, Alienate Fans With Messy Twitter Rant

Sam Lansky | February 15, 2013 12:55 pm

New York rapstress/queen of Twitter beef/every publicist’s worst nightmare Azealia Banks hit a sour note several weeks ago when the beef between her and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton culminated into a public showdown replete with homophobic slurs, and now she’s at it again: This morning, another ugly interaction took shape, as Banks called Hilton an “evil faggot,” explained that the word didn’t actually refer to gay people but instead means “coward, liar, backstabber… [e]nergy stealer, blood sucker,” and then went on to complain that her free speech was being infringed upon when the Internet collectively came for her.

At this point, the idea of doing a nuanced takedown of this grossly flawed logic is just exhausting (and our friends at Spin already did so marvelously), but the real issue is this: Nobody wants to hear what Azealia Banks has to say about linguistic progression and her contempt for “leftover old world social themes,” especially not when she doesn’t have the basic decency to eschew using language that’s explicitly violent and offensive.

She’s a musical artist and a talented one at that. She’s already alienated a big faction of her fan base. She needs to stop digging before it’s too late. She doesn’t have to be sophisticated enough to realize that just because she isn’t offended by something, nobody else gets to be offended by it; she just needs to be smart enough to realize that she has to play by the rules and know when to stop talking if she doesn’t want to be found completely abhorrent by the public.

Azealia. Please, dude, just stop. And make more songs like “212.” And apologize. And also, stop.

[via Spin]