Vin Diesel Singing Rihanna’s “Stay” For Valentine’s Day Is The Only Video That Matters Now

Carl Williott | February 15, 2013 1:43 pm

Life is just a chaotic sequence of random events, with infinite possibilities and alternate outcomes expanding into forever. But there’s a mystical order beneath the chaos. For instance, sometimes on the same day an asteroid brushes past the Earth, a giant meteor also explodes in the sky in Russia. Sometimes on the same day couples are celebrating their love together, Vin Diesel will post a surreal, lonely cover of a sad Rihanna song.

As a Valentine’s Day gift (?) to his Facebook fans, the actor posted the above video showing him singing along to “Stay,” and subsequently all other YouTube videos for the next 24 hours have been put on notice. (Bye, “Harlem Shake”!) If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Diesel grunt out his lines in a movie, then, well, you’ve heard him sing. It’s the same sound. And guys, even if you can’t sit through the whole thing, please just skip to the end to hear him channel the creepiness of 1,000 drunk uncles with a groan-kiss that sounds like something out of The Exorcist‘s holy water scene.

The only good thing to possibly come of this is a RiRi cameo in Faster Furiouser.

[via Gossip Cop]