Azealia Banks Delivers The Twerk In “Harlem Shake” Video: Watch

Kathy Iandoli | February 16, 2013 10:00 am

After recently pouring out a messy rant all over Twitter, Azealia Banks returns with something much less offensive: the video for her remix of Baauer‘s viral hit “Harlem Shake.” In the video, Azealia is shaking her ass all over the place — from the studio booth, to the floor, to a wall, then on the floor again. As she whips her hair around in a midriff and jeans, she comes dangerously close to a nip-slip but survives unscathed. If only she could duck further reputation damage the way she dodges wardrobe malfunctions!

Earlier this week, Baauer had Azealia’s remix removed from Soundcloud, which quickly snowballed into Banks’ latest Twitter tirade that found her making an ill-fated foray into linguistic history and semantics, all in an effort to justify her repeated use of a homophobic slur. The release of this video, then, serves two strategic purposes. One, it’s a finger in the eye of Baauer, illustrating that she’ll do what she wants with her music and he can’t stop her. And secondly, it reminds us that, man, we like her so much better when she’s turning out rap songs like this and exuding low-key cool in videos, and not slinging mud on herself and others on Twitter.