One Direction Return To The Studio, Says One Direction’s Producer

Sam Lansky | February 20, 2013 6:06 am

Who needs time to develop artistically? Certainly not One Direction! The boys of 1D appear to be taking a page out of Rihanna‘s book by churning out music with unparalleled speed — and as recently as last week, they were in the studio with producer Julian Bunetta (who helmed tunes on their 2012 LP Take Me Home as well as their recent charity cover of “One Way or Another”).

Helpfully, Bunetta mostly just stalled and treaded water when asked about their sessions: “I was just with them last week in London — hanging out, working on a few new things,” he told MTV News. “So that’ll be fun.”

As for what they were doing, he continued: “I can’t really say, but it’s gonna be pretty cool. I mean it’s just… I mean obviously we’re working on new music but they didn’t say what the new music is for. It might be for nothing. It might only be for my ears… or, it might be something that gets put out for the world to hear. I could just rent my ears out,” he joked.

Our money’s on a Take Me Home re-release, but they could just as easily drop an entirely new album. Fingers crossed for a concept album about Harry Styles‘ relationship with Taylor Swift.

[via MTV News]