Demi Lovato Teases “Heart Attack” Video, New Look: Watch

Sam Lansky | February 21, 2013 9:18 am

Demi Lovato is giving us major palpitations as we wait for her upcoming single “Heart Attack,” but the chanteuse isn’t keeping us entirely in the dark: In a new interview with MTV, she talked about her style and how it’s informed this newest era — specifically the video for her new track.

“The image of the video — I’m taking on a different look this time around,” she said. “I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker, chic sophisticated — just a different kind of fashion style this time around.”

And expect her badass style to mean a rougher, tougher Demi in the “Heart Attack” clip: “I really just like to rock out, especially in music videos when I can just have so many times where I can perform.” Given the studded leather jacket she’s sporting in the interview, we wouldn’t be surprised if she gives Miley Cyrus a run for her money in the ferocious rocker swag department.

Lovato also discussed how her personal journey has influenced her process in the studio: “For a while, I could tell that when people would talk to me, they knew my story,” she said. “I think I’ve opened up more on this album. My life began to evolve and I started to grow. These are songs about the celebration of life and how rewarding it can be. This is what this album is about.”

Watch up top.

[via MTV News]