Juicy J & The Weeknd Have “One Of Those Nights”: Listen

Carl Williott | February 21, 2013 12:06 pm

For a normal person, saying you’ve had “one of those nights” means it was an evening filled with pratfalls and nuisances — the dog pissed on the rug, you got into an argument with your mom over the phone, that sort of crap. For The Weeknd and Juicy J, “One of Those Nights” means just another run-of-the-mill, drug-fueled descent into debauchery and joyless sex.

Though the song is credited as Juicy J featuring The Weeknd, “One of Those Nights” is Abel Tesfaye‘s joint, with the shadowy R&B figure laying down his falsetto creep rhymes for most of the track. J doesn’t appear in earnest until the two-minute mark, and it’s just for a verse before The Weeknd comes back in with another hook and closing bridge. Compared to “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” it’s certainly less of an overt exercise in strip-club rap, but it’s equally hedonistic and suited for some sweaty bumping and grinding. Hear it below.

Juicy J featuring The Weeknd — “One of Those Nights”